A man with his football

værk 025: Alexander Thieme: Testimony

Alexander Thieme (UA):

AT er uddannet på Repin Kunstakademi i Skt. Petersborg, Rusland. Han beskæftiger sig med maleri, skulptur, arkitektur, grafik, design, installation, foto, videoperformance, kunstundervisning og kuratering.


Ever since my childhood I had been indifferent about football almost to the point of contempt, nor did I like other games of sport with fast rules.

In a football game a judge decides who is the winner, there is no place for ambiguity or poetry.

However, after getting familiar to other points of view on this game, something happened to my attitude to it. Without becoming a football fan I can think of it without irritation now. I even persuaded myself that it in some way can become a source of inspiration in my work as an artist.

In recent times I was afraid that soccer might become a new obsession of mine, not as a complicated system of rules and calendar events but just superficial and charlatan tricks with a ball. I find this change in me similar to that of Pop art, taking the premises of Fine art with storm for half a century ago.

The ball game in Mesoamerican cultures was known long before Europeans came, this served as a sacred ritual that has bloody ending. Every Maya town had a ball court where the players had to make the ball pass through a stone ring using only their hips. My last journey took me to Mexico, where I was completely absorbed with taking pictures of myself posing with a football at the original sites of these games.

The enigmatic and evasive nature of nearly 25 centuries old Indian tradition has finally changed my views about football.

Alexander Thieme

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