værk 40: Orchard

Gedske Ramløv (DK):

2'9” Timelapse. Photography: Gedske Ramløv Editing: Claudio Ripalti and Gedske Ramløv In my artwork a recurring theme is the perception of space.

This video project is based on the idea of configuration of space in relation to movement; the description that light gives of a room and its content of moving objects, as it passes through space from one extremity to another, synthesizing the three-dimensionality into shadows in flattened out movement, so that they thus become the representation of the space in its two-dimensional expression.

The room is the image of a small orchard fenced with walls, at dawn, crossed by the light of the rising sun. As the rays reach the wall through the shutters in a room at the end of the orchard, the fruit trees, slightly moving with the breeze and, later, shaken by the wind, give witness to their existence in a game of light and shadow playing intermittently along the wall, leaving, however, a sole trace that designs the space traveled across: the motion...

Gedske Ramløv